User friendly sub-modules for LiDAR system development

LiDAR kit: Driver / Detector / Generator:

Pulse current driver with proprietary switching technology and compliance voltage up to 100V

Compatible with 1 inch lens mount and tube systems to enable quick assembly of novel system designs

Key features:

  • Integration with available TO Can laser diodes covering a wide range of wavelengths: 375 - 1650nm
  • Short pulsewidth: 1-5ns
  • Gain switching option for ps pulses
  • Peak current up to 500mA
  • Small form factor: 1inch round board


  • Driver TO Can packaged laser diodes
  • Laboratory setups
  • Concept demonstrators 
  • Product integration 


          LiDAR-pal Product Family

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Driver / Detector / Generator

LiDAR kit: Driver / Detector / Generator

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